Targeted Telemarketing database

In today’s world where nearly everyone is connected electronically, using an accurately targeted telemarketing list to communicate directly to prospects is more effective than ever. Being a telemarketer can be a tough business without the right sales leads, and that is why it’s so important to ensure that you have quick and easy ways to ensure that you can reach your potential customers in the easiest way possible. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to connect with targeted prospects and it’s the only form of direct marketing that provides an immediate response. Direct mail advertising agencies accurate targeted telemarketing lists enable businesses to connect with their ideal target market via phone.

Telemarketing Lists are used to reach consumers at their home and get your message out. So our company enables you to find the most accurate business and consumer phone numbers available. Targeted telemarketing lists an easy, cost-effective way to connect with our company and it’s the only form of direct marketing that provides an immediate response.  We have put together the best telemarketing lists brokers, so that you can have an extra little help. Telemarketing lists tend to be smaller than the actual target market, but this is due to regulations on the National Do Not Call Registry, and we ensure that all our lists maintain the standards of this registry. Telemarketing Lists are derived from the same sources as mailing lists. Each telemarketing list will include names and telephone numbers, as well a full mailing addresses. This will give you the option of adding a direct mail campaign which can help improve response rates.


Why would you choose us?

Do you need better telemarketing lists to meet your sales or marketing goals? You’ve come to the right place. Our Telemarketing continues to be one of the most effective channels for businesses to generate qualified leads and enhance returns. Our Telemarketing Lists is the second most common form of direct marketing in which marketers contact with consumers by phone. Direct mail advertising has access to the best telemarketing lists available. Whether you are planning a marketing campaign to reach consumers, businesses, or specific professionals, Marketing Lists Direct is your source for up-to-date, compliant listings. You can focus in on the exact target audience you are trying to reach as most telemarketing databases have the same demographics available as our phone lists.

When you’re deciding which list is right for your campaign, it’s important to understand the goals of your cold calling campaign. And there are many benefits to telemarketing and any company not employing it as a sales tool would strongly benefit from bringing it into the mix. If you need affordable residential and business data for your telemarketing and lead generation campaign in the USA, our calling lists are your answer.  We’ve expanded from our Classic Lists to bring you targeted lists with the demographics you demanded!   Our affordable lists are typically sold by state or zip code for very low prices, but we’ve introduced custom lists to bring even more value and give you a wider choice.

Most important whether you’re setting appointments, providing information, or selling directly over the phone, having the right demographics to target is vital. The particular type of list you’ll need to reach your campaign’s goals depends on various factors, including your target market and the people on your sales team. You can narrow your target market by identifying your most and least profitable clients and examining their demographics.  Whether you need home owners, a certain age range and income level, or enterprise level businesses, we’ve got you covered.

We live in a digital world that’s full of content marketing and social media, telemarketing can be used very successfully in conjunction with these new marketing channels and increase their lead generation potential. We provide business listings that you can select by region, category or number of employees. Have your own database that you need telephone numbers appended to or need your existing numbers brought up to date? Our in-house solution, allows us to scrub and up-date your existing database of telephone numbers or we can add missing or changed telephone numbers. Pricing varies depending on size of existing database, but you only pay for the phone numbers received.

Telemarketers are considered one of the most responsive mediums for leadership generation in the direct mail advertising marketing list B2B. Focused lists will consistently produce the best quality results and the highest probable ROI.  Our Database Group provides telemarketer listings designed to help customers make money. Our telemarketing leads come from our exclusive access to thousands of fresh niche telephone marketing lists. We also offer a new business listing that includes business licenses and a compiled list of Telco’s. For more additional information about of our Telemarketing Lists or want to receive a free list count and quote, call us at 1-8478577647 talk with our databases Specialist today to help your direct phone campaign.